The End

You run though the woods loving the feel of wind in your hair
You stop to take a breath of cool air.
Then you sit down and drink some cold ice water to help refresh yourself.
As you drink you here branches cracking overhead.
You look up and see a creature that’s half woman and half black widow spider.
It was bigger then a car.
As you watched it slowly crawled off its web and jumped onto you.

You thrashed and hit at it but it didn’t let go.
You screamed as it sank its fangs into your leg and drags you to its web.
Then all was silent…..
The End

The Thing In The Lake

You sit by the lake watching the fish swim by.

Suddenly you see a thing that’s not a fish, it looks like a eel only with 2 front legs and its covered in scarlet red scales. It swims/crawls toward you.

Then it crawls onto land next to you and starts to speak.

“why hello hello look at what we have here. Is it my next meal? This is what I know you are going to be.”

Then the thing crawls closer to you and starts pulling you into the water.

“NO!! you cry.

You try to run but it bites you harder and you try to yell for help. but none come…

It drags you under water a little more. You try to claw your way back up to shore but all you get are muddy hands. You struggle but it won’t let go.

Then all is black….

The Bear In The Yard

You look out your window and see a bear sitting by your front door… staring into the window your looking out of……

It stares at you through the window and you stare back at the bear.
As you look at the bear you realize how pretty the bear is. The bear is a beautiful russet brown with black and white specks all over her.

But what is scary is the bears eyes.

The bear has no eyes. None at all.

The bear’s eyes are bleeding red holes.

She can see you but you don’t know how the bear sees you if it has no eyes.

You try to back away from the window but the bear starts walking toward the window.

You then turn around and run into the basement but the bear jumps in and brakes the window, landing right on top of you.

With the bear pinning you down you now have nowhere to go.

So you start to scream and thrash around, trying to get free.

But you can’t move.

You suddenly grow tired and see that the bear is eating all you energy.

All you can do is watch as the bear eats all your life source.

Soon you grow so tired you cant do anything and you black out never to wake up again……

The Bear

You sit in a garden reading a book. You keep reading until you hear a noise.

It was something…a BIG something…..scratching at the gate that leads into the garden.

You slowly turn toward the gate and you gasp.

The thing trying to get in is a brown and black bear that has parts of it cut off of it.

In a morbid way you think that the bear is kind of beautiful.

You try to back away as the bear breaks the gate and starts walking toward you.

You scream and try to run but it grabs you and slowly, painfully starts to eat parts of you.

Through the pain you see that every time it takes a bite from you in heals a part of itself.

Soon the bear is done.

The bear runs away fully healed.

But now you are what the bear was. You walk out of the garden and you start the whole process over…..

The White Wolf


On one chilly February morning you and your friends were walking in the woods.

After a long time of walking your friends had to go back home…

Leaving you in the middle of the woods all alone.

But you just kept walking thinking that everything was fine and you had plenty of time to get home.

As you walked you started to stray from the path. You kept walking until you found a small cave. It was just big enough for you to crawl into it without hurting yourself. So of course you went in to the cave but before you could get that far in to the cave you heard a noise behind you. The noise was a very loud very scary growl. You try to crawl out be soon you are being dragged out by very sharp teeth. When you get out of the cave you see the thing that growled was a Alpha wolf. The alpha of a pack of six wolves. The the wolves attack you and you try to fend them off. Luckily you are able to run away when you get a mile or so away from the wolves you see that you are cut and bruised very very badly. You lay down to catch your breath and you see a pure white wolf with eyes a blue as the sky walking toward you. You think that you should feel panic and fear but all you feel is a calmness spreading through you. The white wolf kept walking toward you then when it got to you it leaned its head down and touched you with its snout. You started to feel very sleepy and your eyes began to droop. As you were falling asleep you saw the white wolf begin to walk away from you.

You then fell asleep. When you woke up you saw that you were completely healed.

The End