The White Wolf


On one chilly February morning you and your friends were walking in the woods.

After a long time of walking your friends had to go back home…

Leaving you in the middle of the woods all alone.

But you just kept walking thinking that everything was fine and you had plenty of time to get home.

As you walked you started to stray from the path. You kept walking until you found a small cave. It was just big enough for you to crawl into it without hurting yourself. So of course you went in to the cave but before you could get that far in to the cave you heard a noise behind you. The noise was a very loud very scary growl. You try to crawl out be soon you are being dragged out by very sharp teeth. When you get out of the cave you see the thing that growled was a Alpha wolf. The alpha of a pack of six wolves. The the wolves attack you and you try to fend them off. Luckily you are able to run away when you get a mile or so away from the wolves you see that you are cut and bruised very very badly. You lay down to catch your breath and you see a pure white wolf with eyes a blue as the sky walking toward you. You think that you should feel panic and fear but all you feel is a calmness spreading through you. The white wolf kept walking toward you then when it got to you it leaned its head down and touched you with its snout. You started to feel very sleepy and your eyes began to droop. As you were falling asleep you saw the white wolf begin to walk away from you.

You then fell asleep. When you woke up you saw that you were completely healed.

The End