The Bear

You sit in a garden reading a book. You keep reading until you hear a noise.

It was something…a BIG something…..scratching at the gate that leads into the garden.

You slowly turn toward the gate and you gasp.

The thing trying to get in is a brown and black bear that has parts of it cut off of it.

In a morbid way you think that the bear is kind of beautiful.

You try to back away as the bear breaks the gate and starts walking toward you.

You scream and try to run but it grabs you and slowly, painfully starts to eat parts of you.

Through the pain you see that every time it takes a bite from you in heals a part of itself.

Soon the bear is done.

The bear runs away fully healed.

But now you are what the bear was. You walk out of the garden and you start the whole process over…..