The Bear In The Yard

You look out your window and see a bear sitting by your front door… staring into the window your looking out of……

It stares at you through the window and you stare back at the bear.
As you look at the bear you realize how pretty the bear is. The bear is a beautiful russet brown with black and white specks all over her.

But what is scary is the bears eyes.

The bear has no eyes. None at all.

The bear’s eyes are bleeding red holes.

She can see you but you don’t know how the bear sees you if it has no eyes.

You try to back away from the window but the bear starts walking toward the window.

You then turn around and run into the basement but the bear jumps in and brakes the window, landing right on top of you.

With the bear pinning you down you now have nowhere to go.

So you start to scream and thrash around, trying to get free.

But you can’t move.

You suddenly grow tired and see that the bear is eating all you energy.

All you can do is watch as the bear eats all your life source.

Soon you grow so tired you cant do anything and you black out never to wake up again……