Monday’s Card (9/8/15)

Once Upon A Midnight Dreary.


once upon a midnight dreary

Be creative!

Whether you like drawing, painting, writing, cooking, math, ect, if it makes you happy, do it!

Explore new things and meet new people.
Dig your own paths in life!



Wednesday’s Card (9/2/15)

Bats In The Belfry.

Dare to be you! Trust your instincts and go against mainstream views and opinions. Consult yourself and heed the advice of others who have dared to achieve their dreams, not those who suggest you stay safe by never daring to dream at all!

bats in the belfry

Card For A Day

Hi, Eva here.

So, I’m going to try and start doing a Card Of A Day, using my Oracle of the ShapeShifters Deck.

I’m going to be doing it every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday starting tomorrow. I’m also going to to try to write posts on here more (because i don’t do that at all right now.).

That’s all for now, Bye!

Thursday’s Card

Strange Companions In Stranger Places.

strange companions

You have a great power within you-the power of your creativity, your imagination, and your dream self. You are  going through great changes, and it seems like you have no power. But if you get truly creative about how to deal with new people, places, and things, you will shine.

Tuesday’s Card

Elizabeth And The Lion

eliz and the lion

You must now express your authority and prove correct the trust that people have shown in you. When you have a great task to  do, it is natural that fear and fearful self-talk will stage a sudden entrance. It is wise to understand that there will wonder if you can continue, and there will be time when a simpler, easier, more subservient existence would be better than this striving to truly be the sovereign- the leader and educator of others. But if you rise to this offer, you will overcome an impossible danger- and you will show resilient and strong your human heart is.

Saturday’s Card

This card is from the Oracle of the Shapeshifters deck.


The Golden Phoenix.

Passion and desire, will and force, and a new, intelligent direction are all on your agenda. Health and fitness are also part of your new theme- firing up your metabolism is a very strong desire and a sacred duty. You can become stronger, fitter, leaner, and healthier- The Golden Phoenix does not speak of having a certain type of body, but she will show you how to recreate that which you have been gifted with.