The Forgotten Kitsune: Chapter One-Part one- Her dream

                                                      ~*~Paris, France 1892~*~

Why do you try to run, Little Fox Girl?

Hexaya gasped as that thought entered her head. It wasn’t her thought, it was much too masculine, and it wasn’t following her own train of thought. The thought was probably from her attacker, whom had already broken one of her arms, and torn off almost all of the flesh from the side of her body, which if left untreated, would kill her. She whimpered when her broken arm hit the ally wall next to her, causing small black spots to hover at the edge of her vision. She sank to her knees, gasping in pain as she tried to stand up again.

Why do you run Little Fox Girl? You wont be able to get away from me, I know everything there is to know about you.

The voice in her head sounded puzzled by the fact that she was running from it, but also faintly amused by the fact. She had just gotten to her feet when she felt it, the dark, swirling thing that was her attacker. She started running, or at least the best she could do, what with all of her blood quickly becoming a river on the ground beneath her, without looking around her, already knowing that she wont be able to see the thing that was attacking her. She ran toward old abandoned building. The door was supposed to be blocked off so that nobody went inside, but as she ran toward it, the door shimmered slightly before turning into a bright red door with the Kanji for ‘My heart is my home, without one there is no other’ )>I’m still working on what it say’s, so if you have any suggestions then please tell me!<(  spelled on the side opposite of the doorknob. She ran into it as she pushed the door open, nearly screaming when she felt her attacker walk towards her. She dove inside the door and kicked it shut, falling on the ground as she did so. The room around her started to spin, and it wasn’t because of the blood loss. When it finished spinning she exhaled in relief as a tall man with dark brown hair and amber eyes walked in from another room of the house. His eyes widen as he took her in, bleeding onto the floor of the house. “I thought you said you could easily kill him.” His voice had a soft french accent, which only helped to hide the hard, dead look that was in his eyes. “It should have been easy…. I didn’t know he would hire a damn Greater Demon to protect him from me….” Her eyes started to close as the man knelt before her, muttering under his breath as he started to examine her wounds. He looked up and said something to her, but the world went dark just as he started to open his mouth. Unable to see anything, she let go of consciousness…..And woke up in another place, another time.


There’s more to the chapter, but this is the first half of it, the rest will be posted at a later date. 🙂

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The Forgotten Kitsune: Prologue

This is a story/book I’m going to try to write. Usually when I start to write something I give it up after a few days, mainly because I start to doubt myself after a few hundred words. So I’m hoping that by at least posting the Prologue someone will kick me to start writing it again when I start to lag. So I hope you enjoy.

(ps, this is mostly unedited ((spell check)), so it’s still really rough.)

(pps, feedback is appreciated!)



The first thing everyone notices about her is her hair. A shade of red so dark, it looks as if it’s black. It falls to her waist in dark curtain, just enough between wavy and curly, so that you can’t run your fingers in it without getting caught in a tangle. Of course she’d never let you touch the air around her, let alone her hair. The second thing people notice about her is her body, she’s tall, around the 6′ foot range, long legs, wide hips, a tiny waist, and a Double D chest. she seems like any guys (and plenty of girls) dream, right? wrong. the next thing people notice is her face. She’s pretty, with a full mouth, and a small nose that gives her an almost fox-like look. But it’s her eyes that turns people away. Her eyes are an inhuman amber color, ringed with black. If you pay attention, her eyes are the most expressive part of her. If you don’t watch though, then she almost always looks bored or critical. When you pay attention though, like when she spits out the words “go away!” like a curse, her eyes beg for you not to leave, because she’s scared that she’ll forget everything. you see, she doesn’t remember anything past a few years ago, so she’s always afraid she’ll forget who she is. She’ll deny it if you ask her that, but it’s the truth. I should know, as I’m the one that found her all those years ago, curled up on the ground with her tail wrapped around er face as she cried. Oh! You didn’t know she had a tail? I must have forgotten to mention that part. You see, my name’s Maria Von (just Von) and I forget alot of things.

Like saying the only the she remembers is that her name’s Hexaya, or that it was my turn to do the laundry, that I meant to say at the beginning of this that I’m 16 years old, and that Aya’s a Kitsune.

So now that that’s all sorted out, let’s get you back to The Forgotten Kitsune!